If you are looking for a compact, powerful projector, which is innovative, elegant, packed with graphic features, capable of meeting any requirements from the most simple to the most complex, yet still within the scope of any budget, then MINI Scan HPE is the answer to your dreams. The excellent luminous efficiency and outstanding versatility of Mini Scan HPE make it ideal, not just for discotheques, but also for theatres, television studios and service lighting installations. Mini Scan HPE is an intelligent moving mirror luminaire which combines quality, advanced technology, reliability and a host of special effects in an extremely compact unit. It is the perfect synthesis of all the features which have made Clay Paky's large professional scanners a world-wide success.


Mini Scan HPE is so packed with power that it could only have been produced with the design flair and technical know-how of Clay Paky. The lamp-optical system combination provides almost double the luminous efficiency (+95%) of standard units; a result which is absolutely unique among moving mirror spotlights of this size, which means that the Mini Scan HPE has all the power necessary for longer range applications while still offering a low power consumption.


Mini Scan HPE uses a 300 watt Osram HTI 300 lamp, with a luminous flux of 22000 lumen, an average life of 750 hours and a colour temperature of 6500° K. This extremely efficient and reliable lamp has been designed specifically for Clay Paky on the basis of professional HMI models.


The special design of the optical system with twin lens condenser and high luminous efficiency mirror ball, combined with the use of high quality components, means that, even at maximum aperture settings, the beam from the Mini Scan HPE appears sharp and uniform over the entire illuminated surface. Image focusing is ensured by a standard lens with an aperture of 16°37', which, if required, can be substituted with an optional 12°36' lens.


The colour system comprises a colour disc and a second effects disc which can be combined to obtain 36 different colour combinations. All the colours are obtained through perfectly pure dichroic filters, which are freely interchangeable so that users can devise their own personalised "palette". The effects disc contains a special blue colour filter and a filter to simulate Wood light. The two colour temperature correction filters of 3200 and 6000 °K on the effects disc underline the suitability of Mini Scan HPE for professional lighting applications. The rotation speed of the colour wheel can be varied to obtain effects such as bicolour beams and a rainbow effect.


The light beam from the Mini Scan HPE can be diffused to create colour backgrounds for a highly suggestive theatrical effect. Two different diffusion levels may be obtained using the two Frost filters fitted as standard on the effects disc.


The Mini Scan HPE's graphic equipment is based on a group of six rotating gobos which can spin in either direction at variable speed, generating an enormous number of different effects. Gobo rotation is indexed at 540° thereby allowing allow effects to be precisely recreated on any number of different projectors. The standard gobo system, which also comprises two dichroic gobos, can be modified to suit the specific needs of the user as all the gobos are fully interchangeable. The Clay Paky catalogue offers a wide choice of gobos and custom gobos are available on request.


All the effects obtained with the gobos can be further enhanced by interposing the 3-way multiplier prism to create suggestive multiple images.


The movement of the mechanical dimmer is smooth, gradual and precise, with linear adjustable movement from 0 to 100% and instantaneous beam blocking. The strobe effect is highly spectacular, and can be adjusted from 1 to 11 flashes per second, with a blackout time of only 40 milliseconds.


Mirror movement is smooth and gradual thanks to the high-resolution microstepping motors, and extends to 150° in tilt and 110° in pan, thereby providing ample coverage.


When designing the Mini Scan HPE, Clay Paky engineers excelled themselves; not only did they succeed in concentrating an enormous range of features and high-level performance in an extremely compact unit - they did so without compromising in any way the renowned reliability of all Clay Paky projectors. The compact design means easy handling and easy installation and makes a significant contribution to the overall aesthetics of the lighting installation.


Mini Scan HPE's electronic system is totally reliable, thanks to the experience of the electronics engineers at Pulsar; all projector functions are fully controlled from the lighting desk on seven channels using standard DMX and RS232 (PMX) digital signals.


C31147 Objective 1:2,2 / 135 mm (12°36')optional
L10043 Osram lamp HTI 300W
L10051 Osram lamp HMD 300W

Weight (kg): 13,0 (220-240V)
Size: 582x238x300