DMX splitter/booster eLite DisD4


This model is a 4 way DMX distributor with one input and four output, it is completely electric isolated
between input and output, as well output and output. Both DMX input and DMX output are provided with
3-pinconnector, each DMX output has an independent driver and DATA+ & DATA- indicators. In addition,
a Link out/Terminate selector is used to prevent DMX output from the errors or malfunction
generated by DMX input.

1. Power input: AC 230V~50Hz
2. DMX input: Receives DMX input signals.
3. Link out / Terminate selector: Use to prevent DMX output(4) from the errors or malfunctions generated

    by DMX input.
4. DMX output: Direct link out DMX output
5. DMX output: Sends your DMX input signal through to the next DMX device.

1 - Ground
2 - Data-
3 - Data+