Macro-Tech VZ Series

Massive VZ Power

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The Macro-Tech VZ Series represents the latest breakthrough in Crown's unending quest to deliver the most power in the smallest package.

The Macro-Tech 3600VZ packs 3,600 watts into a mere 3.5 inches of vertical rack space. The Macro-Tech 5002VZ packs an incredible 5,000 watts into little more than 5 inches of vertical rack space. Quite simply, that's more watts per-cubic-inch than any other amplifier.

Our patented variable impedance (VZ) technology permits the Macro-Tech 3600VZ and the Macro-Tech 5002VZ to dynamically adapt to both signal and load requirements in real time. This provides the best power match to the widest range of loads. Our innovative technology also permits us to pack large amounts of power into a compact package while achieving ultra-low distortion and without generating excessive heat.

Because they're Macro-Techs, both VZ amplifiers provide all the features found in other Macro-Tech amplifiers, including separate high-voltage power supplies, detented controls, P.I.P. expandability and comprehensive status indicators. 

The Macro-Tech 5002VZ includes a number of additional features which expands its power and versatility. This includes additional user control over the VZ power supply which allows you to easily set the amplifier for maximum efficiency with your load. It's just another example of how we engineer practical solutions for real-world conditions. The Macro-Tech 5000VZ's universal power supply also allows it to be adapted quickly and easily to available voltages around the world.

With all these features, the Macro-Tech 3600VZ and 5002VZ are two of the best values in amplifiers today, with the highest power for their size, weight and price.


Macro-Tech Series

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Macro-Tech Series Brochure
Macro-Tech Series (602, 1202 & 2402) Manual in .pdf format.
Macro-Tech Series (24 x 6 & 36 x 12) Manual in .pdf format.

MA-3600VZ Datasheet in .pdf format.
MA3600VZ Manual  in .pdf format
MA5002VZ Manual in .pdf format.

AC Power Draw and Thermal Dissipation Info