Prolyte Ground Supports


Prolyte has developed several tower systems, all based on the standard series truss. With additional parts, like base sections or top sections, your tower system is easily composed and offers flexibility without the need for heavy investment. Prolyte has two different tower systems, the rigging tower and the ground support tower.

The rigging tower is designed as a stand-alone tower to support, for instance, PA clusters or audience light. The rigging tower is available in several types, ranging from 550 to 2300 kg allowable load and from 7,60 m to 16 m lifting height. Al towers are based on the same principle; a V-shaped base supports a mast that can be erected by means of an erection system, which also functions as a stabiliser once the mast is in position. After the system is build, levelled and ballast is applied, the load can be hoisted in position. Rigging towers can be built on any even surface and are specially designed for outdoor use.

The ground support tower is designed to support a grid, without having the need for suspension points. It can be used in a goalpost set-up (two towers) or as a ground support (three or more towers). The ground support towers are available in three types, the MPT Tower (to be used in combination with all trusses from the multi purpose series) the ST tower (to be used in combination with all the trusses from the heavy duty series) and the CT tower.

A standard H30V truss is being used as vertical mastsection to support a sturdy sleeveblock that makes it possible to fit any of the 30 or 40 series trusses to all four sides, by means of bolted, either male or female CCS6 couplers.
The MPT sleeveblock is a fully bolted structural element, making it much stronger and more precise than conventional welded versions. The top section and base section are built in such a way that it facilitates the easy use of either a handwinch or a chainhoist.
The MPT tower is both cost effective and user friendly.
All the trusses of the multi purpose range can easily be connected to the sleeveblock and they can be changed rather quickly. With a adapter plate it’s also possible to use the sleeveblock with either S36R or S36V truss. There is also no need to buy a complete system if you already own multi purpose truss. Just buy the part you need.



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