Rodec BX14

Rodec BX14

6 Channel 19” 6HE Professional Audio Mixer

6 Multiple input channels with:
- Gain
- Triple tone control
- PFL select pushbutton with LED-indicator (cue)

Channel 1: Line, Line B
Channel 2: Line, Phono
Channel 3: Line, Phono
Channel 4: Line, Line B
Channel 5: Line, Balanced XLR Mic with EFX insert
Channel 6: Line, Balanced XLR Mic with EFX insert

2 Phono Inputs
8 RCA Line Inputs
2 Balanced XLR Mic inputs

2 Master outputs with general balance rotary
Master 1 (Main): RCA and balanced XLR output
Master 2 (Main): RCA

Record outputs
2 RCA record outputs.
1 RCA AUX output.

Faders – Crossfader
Easy-slide 60mm channel faders.
Crossfader between channels 1-2 and 3-4.
Soft touch fader knobs for better grip.

Very strong DJ headphones amplifier.
Headphones select rotary PFL/SUM.


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